100% wool handmade Parallel Runner Off White rug and bench

Parallel Runner Off White

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The Parallel Runner celebrates the work of Josef Albers and the Bauhaus, offering a play on vertical stripes to create a distinct and timeless design.


Ideal as a hallway runner or kitchen runner, the Parallel runner also affords a place in your bedroom or livingroom adding comfort, softness and texture to both your floors and your feet. The modern runner is crafted with passion, care and attention to details. 


Woven in Mexico on a pedal loom, the runner is crafted from 100% wool and all colours have been naturally dyed based on family dye recipes that has passed down through generations. It takes 12 days to complete one runner.


Size: 200 x 60 cm


Handwoven in Mexico



All of our products are handmade, which means you may find slight variations in designs, sizes and colours.