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three Sahumitos containing sage, rosemary, lavender and bayleaves

Sahumitos Smudge Sticks

25,00 €Price

Inspired by ancient smudge tradition, our Sahumitos are crafted by twin

sisters Susana and Analía, in their small atelier in Ibiza. They craft with herbs and flowers from their own and neighbouring farms on the island. 


This box contains 3 x Sahumitos infused with a mix of lavender, rosemary, sage and bay leaves. 


Rosemary: Cleans energetically and increases confidence

Sage: Purifies the environment and drives away negative energies

Lavender: Attracts love, calms the minds and promotes deep sleep

Bay Leaf: Abundance, clarity and openess, protects spaces, objects and people



Each smudge stick is 8cm long


Handcrafted in Spain



All of our products are handmade, which means you may find slight variations in sizes, designs and colours.


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