Will I get an insert with my cushion?

Yes, all of our cushions come with a 100% duck feather filled cushion pad covered in a 100% cambric cotton cover. Cushion pads are manufactured in the UK.

How should I care for my wool rug or runner?

All of our rugs and runners are made from 100% wool and has been naturally hand-dyed.

With a little care, your rug can be enjoyed for years to come. We suggest that you follow these best practices to give your rug a long and healthy life:


Vacuum your rug lightly and on a regular basis.
We recommend using a suction only vacuum cleaner to prevent build up of damaging dirt, grit and dust.
Please take care not to use too much suction and never use a vacuum head that has moving parts, such as a spinning brush head. Ensure that you vacuum both sides of your rug as dirt often makes its way all the way through.
Do not machine wash or hand wash your rug, as this can lead to deformation and the hand dyed colours might start to run.

Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time, as this will fade the colours of your rug.
Excessive direct sunlight can damage the pile and not only ruin the look of your rug but also reduce its lifespan.
It is a good idea to keep your rug away from direct sunlight as well as rotate and flip your rug once in a while to even out any wear or fade caused by the sun.

As our rugs are made from 100% wool, damp can be damaging and your rug is likely to shrink and shouldn't be left wet. Should your rug become wet, it is not recommended that your try and dry it in front of an open fire or with heat dryers. Intense heat dries out the natural oils in the wool making it weak and fragile.

Any spillages need to be addressed immediately - speed is the essence.

Do not rub a spill, we recommend that you blot stain by absorbing liquid from the rug by pressing straight down with a clean dry paper white towel. We recommend a white towel, so the colours from the towel don’t run into the rug.
Avoid excessive moisture or wetting when cleaning the stain and dry the rug on a flat surface. If the entire rug needs to be cleaned or you have a tricky stain, we recommend that you seek professional specialist cleaning advice.

How should I care for my wool cushion?

Our wool cushions are made from 100% sheep’s wool with a cotton backing. We recommend that you dry clean or gently wash the cover in cold water. Do not tumble dry, line dry only.

To remove stains we recommend dry cleaning.

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible to prevent possible permanent staining.

Do not rub a spill, we recommend that you blot stain by absorbing liquid from the cushion by pressing straight down with a clean dry paper white towel. We recommend a white towel, so the colours from the towel don’t run into the cushion.

Annual professional dry cleaning recommended.

Plump your cushion regularly to maintain its appearance and ensure that the filling is distributed evenly. Pull apart and separate the filling to eliminate clumping of the filling and infuse air back into the cushion.

How should I care for my cotton cushion?

We work with 100% cotton threads and recommend hand washing with a gentle soap and line drying. Remove cushion pad before washing. Be careful when washing the brocade as they can come loose. Should they come loose locate the thread on the inside of cover and pull the thread carefully back in place.

How long does shipping take ?

Orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours, given that the product is in stock. Please note that we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays (UK). All orders are shipped from London, UK. National orders generally take 3-6 business days and international orders generally take 6-9 business days. Read more about shipping here

What is your returns policy?

Should you wish to return an item, we can offer a refund on any item as long as it is returned in a saleable condition within 14 days. We cannot process refunds for any items that have been used or washed. In order to arrange a return, you will need to notify us by emailing Read more about returns here

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