Frequency Original Artwork 'Happy Mistake'
  • Our 'Frequency' original artwork with an extra splash of coffee on


    Featuring a pair of bold parallel grids set against a strip of homebrewed coffee paint, the 'Frequency' artwork creates an intriguing and dramatic artwork.


    Fascinated with the concept of reusing existing materials and working with natural materials, we worked with Atelier Broder Ian on a series of original artworks. Each 'Frequency' artwork has been created using a mix of homebrewed coffee and gum arabic to paint the background strip, while the parallel grid has been handprinted using a carved lino sheet created out of up-cycled linoleum flooring. 


    We've collaborated with Atelier Broder Ian to offer a unique series of original art, each hand painted and signed by Ian, ensuring that every piece is truly unique.

    Frequency Original Artwork 'Happy Mistake'

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    • Size A3  (29.7 x 42 cm)

      100% Recycled Paper


      Hand painted in Denmark