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Broder Ian

With a strong focus on reusing materials, multidisciplinary artist Broder Ian explores a variety of different art forms ranging from visual arts to creating new forms of musical instruments.

Driven by the curiosity to experiment with materials often found around the house, Atelier Broder Ian strives to make art out of chaos without interfering too much.

With an approach to up-cycled materials found at home or from close by neighbours and businesses, Ian strives to create art driven by the quality of each material.


From discovering the colour, texture and patterns left at the bottom of his coffee cup each morning, Ian started experimenting painting with coffee. The colour and texture that the coffee and the grounds create are extraordinary and adds depths and a tactile touch to his art.

From using rainwater to clean his brushes and tools, to carving linoleum designs into his old sheets of kitchen flooring, sustainability is deeply rooted in Atelier Broder Ians approach to art and is the main driver for many of his creations. 

Fascinated with the concept of reusing existing materials and working with natural materials, we worked with Broder Ian on a series of original artworks. Each piece has either been handprinted or painted with a small ink roller ensuring that each piece is truly unique.

Lino carving

Environmental Impact

The environment and sustainability is strongly rooted in the ethos of Atelier Broder Ian.

Up-cycling is at the heart of his work and reinventing unwanted materials are often what drives his creations. His creative mind sees possibilities where most of us see a trip to the tip. From up-cycling his old linoleum kitchen floor to lino cutting blocks, to making picture frames out of his neighbours discarded bookshelf, to collecting used lighters to make artful lampshades, Broder Ian provides an environmental-friendly and modern alternative to waste management. 

Products from Denmark

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