Flow original artwork from Collective-Stories
  • Featuring a bold lino print on a contrasting strip of handmade coffee and gum arabic mixture, 'Flow' offers a vibrant, textured and original piece of art.


    Fascinated with the concept of reusing existing materials and working with natural materials, we worked with Atelier Broder Ian on a series of original artworks. Each 'Flow' artwork has been created using a mix of homebrewed coffee and gum arabic to paint the background strip, while the bold black strip has been handprinted using a carved lino sheet created out of upcycled linolium flooring. 


    We've collaborated with Atelier Broder Ian to offer a unique series of original art, each hand painted and signed by Ian, ensuring that every piece is truly unique.

    Flow Original Artwork

    70,00 €Price
    • Size A3  (29.7 x 42 cm)


      100% Recycled Paper


      Hand painted in Denmark