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Bespoke Service

At Collective-Stories, our passion lies in crafting quality products through close collaboration with our talented artisans. Through direct partnerships and small batch production, we maintain a close working relationship, enabling us to provide custom designs at similar prices to our existing collection.

Our bespoke service offers you the opportunity to unleash your creativity by bringing your unique designs to life or collaborating directly with our design team to realise your vision. 

Whether you seek a tailor-made design for a special project or want to change the size and colour of an existing piece, we're here to make it happen. At Collective-Stories, we are committed to turning your ideas into captivating realities that embody the artistry and essence of our brand. 

Please note that the lead time for custom sizes, colours and designs can have a lead time between 8 - 12 weeks. 

Please contact us at or fill in the form below.

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