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The season of gifting is upon us and it is time to feel good about giving. We have curated a conscious and sustainable gift guide that is here to help you find ethical and fairly made gifts for your loved ones. You might even find a few ideas for your own wish list, we definitely have. Our conscious gift guide features sustainable homeware, fashion and self care products which are all ethically and sustainably handcrafted by artisans.

1. Buri Buri Broom from Collective-Stories

Our Buri Buri Brooms are the perfect addition to a bohemian interior. Handcrafted with locally-sourced buri palm, the brooms are both decorative and functional. The Buri Buri Broom is simple take on the classic hand whisk broom and is durable, functional and ideal for sweeping crumbs off your table, laptop or kitchen counter. The broom is stitched flat to provide a wider sweep and comes with a leather loop for hanging. €30.00 from

2. Botanical Crayons from Copito

These non-toxic crayons are made in the Garraf region of Spain using beeswax, carnauba wax, soy wax and natural plant and mineral pigments. They are made in small batches and are carved by hand, one by one, each crayon is unique in its colour and shape. They come with a roll-up canvas case and a small card explaining which plants and minerals were used to produce their colour. There are 10 crayons in a set. €50.00 from

Start the day feeling ready for anything with Kleensoaps. Made with high quality, natural ingredients and with recycled packaging, Kleensoaps are handmade cold-processed vegan soap with aromatherapeutic scents that engulf you as you cleanse your body. £9.50 from

The perfect bag to pep up your day (or night). This blue striped pouch is made entirely by hand by artisans in Guatemala. The bag is made out if 55500 tiny glass beads and comes with a shoulder strap. Pura Utz pay three times the market standard to honour the women who make their products. They are committed to help the women grow their self-worth while also providing for themselves and investing in their futures.

€316.00 from

The most beautiful, sculptural gift for your bag or keys. Love and time has been put into each of these handcrafted beads. The horn and bone pieces are carefully crafted by artisans in Haiti who have sourced the materials from the local butcher that would otherwise go to waste. The horns are heated and softened to be formed into pieces that are sanded and sealed to give new life to each piece.

Art is a great gift for someone who has everything. The Frequency' artwork features a pair of bold parallel grids set against a strip of homebrewed coffee paint, creating an intriguing and dramatic artwork. Each 'Frequency' artwork has been created using a mix of homebrewed coffee and gum arabic to paint the background strip, while the parallel grid has been handprinted using a carved lino sheet created out of up-cycled linoleum flooring.

Take your tub time up a notch with Bathen's super soft, richly hued, 100% super soft cotton long robe in Palma, a lush green paired with sunny brights and deep water blue. Ethically handwoven on looms in India, the robe packs a punch with stripes that stand out. You'll never want to get dressed again.

$145.00 from

If you are after a ring that is unique, eye-catching and timeless, the Elara ring the perfect choice for that special someone. A statement ring with a shimmering mother-of-pearl to accompany them every day and with a clean and classic design, this ring is sure to be their new favourite. Ethically handcrafted in Bali and fitted with real mother-of-pearl, this ring is a genuine and unmistakable one-off. €119.00 from

Warm, comfortable and made to last, who doesn't love a warm pair of cosy wool slippers? And these woolly house shoes are handmade by artisans in Patagonia. With no factory in sight, each pair of Chilote House Shoes are handcrafted slowly by a network of independent artisan women in Patagonia. With locally-sourced wool, vegetable saddle leather, and a QR code that transparently tracks each wool slipper back to the artisan group that made it.

Big, bright and beautiful - The Oroo Oak bag from A.A.K.S is handcrafted in Ghana from locally sourced raffia that has been hand-dyed in stunning toasty tones. ⁠The Oroo Oak is roomy enough to hold all of your daily essentials with a linen lining and drawstring closure to secure everything safely inside.⁠

£250 from

This abstract art print is named after the Japanese art that appreciates beauty in imperfection. Originally painted on upcycled corrugated card that had a previous life as a placemat in a restaurant in Barcelona.

The black gouache lines appear wobbly and imperfect giving this piece Wabi Sabi qualities.

From €10 from

Give your bedroom a rustic and warm atmosphere with this rattan headboard from By Native. Carefully woven by hand, the incredibly detailed open weave allows the natural beauty of rattan to come to the fore. Each headboard is hand-woven by artisans from an award-winning social enterprise in Malawi, takes five days to complete and is truly unique.

€375.00 from

Inspired by the work of Josef Albers and the Bauhaus, the Navy Parallel cushion offers a play on vertical stripes creating a simple and contemporary design. With this navy statement cushion, instantly upgrade your space and make your bed or sofa more cosy and welcoming. The Parallel cushion comes in a classic navy and white colour palette that really highlights the hand brocaded details, making it a sure conversation starter.

Handmade in Mexico, these Danzante Doble figures are mounted on a handmade blacksmith piece, with cotton and sansevieria fiber details. Caralarga is a textile design and production workshop inspired by nature’s raw materials who seeks to preserve their essence and accentuate their qualities by transforming them into high quality artisanal pieces. Through their designs, they want to convey the value of our hands and highlight the natural beauty of each material.


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