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Lifestyle | A Beginner's Guide to Purifying Your Space With Smudge Sticks.

Our homes are more than just physical spaces; they are sacred realms where our daily lives unfold. In this beginners guide to purifying your space with Sahumo smudge sticks, we'll explore the transformative world of smudge sticks, understanding that the environment in which our daily lives occur must not only be physically clean but also energetically renewed.

Sahumo Smudge Stick - Ethically Handcrafted

When to use a Smudge Stick:

Our houses, accumulate more than just physical dirt. Negative thoughts, bad moods (both our own and those of others), anxiety, stress, and the daily whirlwind of life leave energetic imprints that can affect our well-being. Recognising that our homes are sacred spaces, it becomes essential not only to clean them physically but also to renew their energy.

Knowing when to use a smudge stick is an intuitive process. Trust your instincts and pay attention to your needs. We recommend that you consider smudging:

  • When Energy Feels Dense or Uncomfortable: Trust your instincts; if the energy in your home feels heavy or uncomfortable, it's time for a cleansing ritual.

  • Closure and New Beginnings: Smudging is powerful for closing one chapter of your life and invoking new beginnings. Use it during significant life transitions or when you're ready to welcome change.

  • Moving to a New Home: Before settling into a new space, smudge to clear any lingering energy from the previous occupants and create a fresh start.

  • Connecting with Nature's Power: Harness the natural energy around you. Smudge to connect with the elemental forces of nature and invite their positive influence into your space.

  • Moments of Self-Care: Smudging isn't just about cleansing your environment; it's also an act of self-care. Use it to create moments of connection and pampering for your senses.

As you delve into the art of Sahumar and smudge stick rituals, remember that it's not just about cleansing your home; it's about nurturing a sacred space that fosters positivity, tranquility, and renewal. Let your intuition guide you, and may your smudging rituals bring harmony to your sacred haven.

Sahumo Smudge Stick ritual

How to light your Sahomu Smudge Sticks.

Begin your ritual by lighting your incense burner with a candle. This symbolic act signifies the initiation of a sacred and intentional space.

Cleansing your space:

  1. Start at the Farthest Room: Move to the last room, furthest from the main door, passing the smudge stick through each corner, focusing especially on these energy-concentrated areas.

  2. Room by Room: Progress through each room and hallway from the inside out and from right to left, cleansing the space with intentional movements.

  3. Emphasising Corners: Pay special attention to corners, where energy can stagnate. The smudging process helps release and clear any negativity.

  4. Positive Energy Exchange: Open windows as you move through your home, allowing released negativity to exit and positive energy to flow in, rejuvenating your space.

Cleansing Yourself:

  1. Feet to Head: After cleansing your home, it's time to cleanse yourself. Begin from your feet, moving upwards to your head, and return to your heart, using circular movements.

  2. Breathe and Reflect: Take a few moments to breathe deeply, allowing the calming energy to settle. Find a comfortable position, sit or lie down, and take at least three deep breaths.

  3. Focus on Happiness: Shift your thoughts to what brings you joy – loved ones, happy moments, nature. Imagine these scenarios deeply, attracting positive energy to fill your space.

Sahumo mastery is not just about the physical act of smudging but a harmonious blend of intention, ritual, and energy exchange. As you embrace this practice, may your home become a sanctuary filled with positivity and tranquility.

To complement your Sahumo smudging ritual, we recommend using a heat-resistant holder or bowl to catch any ashes or embers.

Sahumo Smudge Stick and Incense Burner - Ethically Handcrafted


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