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Driven by the belief that education is a powerful catalyst for transformation, this workshop place a strong emphasis on uplifting the underprivileged communities by offering them educational opportunities in the art of handwoven textile manufacturing. Through these initiatives, they aim to pave the path for a brighter future, creating a ripple effect of positive change in their lives. Furthermore, they extend their support to local women, empowering them through the exquisite art of embroidery. By offering them projects and opportunities, they enable them to earn a sustainable income and gain financial independence. This empowerment not only benefits them personally but also strengthens their ability to manage their households with confidence and pride. 

Indian artisan spinning yarn
Indian artisan Spinning Yarn
Artisan weaving Pink Blanket

Weavers of


The weavers of Uttar Pradesh have embarked on a noble mission, seamlessly blending artistry with compassion. Their craft extends beyond crafting premium handwoven textiles, as they actively invest in educating and empowering those in need, offering them meaningful employment opportunities.

With each thread they weave, they are not only creating exquisite masterpieces, but also weaving a brighter future for their community.

Dyeing of yarns

With a mission to preserve their cultural heritage and promote it globally, they take pride in employing traditional techniques passed down through generations, celebrating the timeless beauty of handwoven textiles. In their workshop, five looms, guided by five skilled weavers and a master weaver, hum with creativity. Collaborations with other weaving units produce mesmerising kilim and hand-knotted carpets, showcasing the magic of traditional techniques blended with contemporary flair.

This weaving workshop has a strong commitment to sustainability and is etched in every fibre of their being. They tread lightly on the earth, ensuring that their raw materials cause no harm to nature. From the procurement of materials to the final product, a stringent checklist governs their practices, guaranteeing a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Indian artisan Weaving on foot looom

Social Impact

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