Tangent Basket Black handwoven with locally-sourced Buri Palm
  • Designed in London, the Tangent Baskets are handwoven in the Philippines with locally-sourced Buri Palm. Inspired by ancient weaving traditions, the design plays with the natural structure of buri to create rhythm and structure giving the basket a linear and airy aesthetic. The subtle weaving details are a nod to upland farmers way of lacing sturdy baskets to hold their harvested produce. 



    Tangent Basket Black

    • Sizes:

      XL 45 x 45cm (5-6 weeks lead time)
      Large 40 x 40cm (5-6 weeks lead time)
      Medium 30 x 30cm (5-6 weeks lead time)


      The Tangent Baskets are handwoven by Negros Island Handicrafts in the Philippines with locally-sourced Buri Palm and offers a versatile storage solution to keep your things organised and your living space clutter-free. 


      Handmade in The Philippines 

    Collective-Stories was founded with a passion to bring thoughtful designs to life by using traditional techniques and craftsmanship to produce ethically handmade homeware. 

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