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Tangent basket in woven buri palm with throw in it next to a white sofa

Tangent Basket Natural

110,00 €Price

Crafted for the modern home curator with an eye for beauty and an ethos for sustainability, these handwoven storage baskets transcends the ordinary, showcasing the timeless beauty of yesteryears.


Elevate your home organisation with the Tangent Basket – a true masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship. Handcrafted in The Philippines using traditional techniques and locally-sourced Buri Palm, the Tangent Basket is most definitely more than just storage - it's a statement. Whether it's snug blankets or those glossy mags you can't put down, the Tangent Basket does it all with a stylish touch.


XL 45 x 45 cm
Large 40 x 40cm
Medium 30 x 30cm

Handmade in The Philippines 

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