Tangent Basket Natural handwoven with locally-sourced Buri Palm

Tangent Basket Natural

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Inspired by ancient weaving traditions from the Philippines, the design of the Tangent Basket plays with the natural structure of buri to create rhythm and structure giving this storage basket a linear and airy aesthetic.  Designed in London, these large storage baskets are handwoven in the Philippines with locally-sourced Buri Palm. The subtle weaving details are a nod to upland farmers way of lacing sturdy baskets to hold their harvested produce.


The Tangent Baskets are handwoven in the Philippines with locally-sourced Buri Palm and offers a versatile storage solution to keep your things organised and your living space clutter-free. 

XL 45 x 45 cm
Large 40 x 40cm
Medium 30 x 30cm

Handmade in The Philippines