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Shop | Weekend Plans - 5 Reasons To Stay Inside

It's winter, it's cold and it's grey, so why go outside when you can have a fantastic weekend all from the comfort of your own home. From staying in bed to binge-watching that tv show everyone is talking about, the possibilities of having the best weekend at home are endless. We have gathered 5 of our favourite ways to spend a day at home.

Bauhaus inspired cushion in navy in bed

1. Staying In Bed

Is it even weekend, if you don't get to have a lie in? There is nothing better than waking up without an alarm in a fresh set of bedding with comfy scatter cushions around you and knowing you can snuggle there as long as you like. Our cushion collection is handwoven by artisans using traditional techniques, which has been passed down through generations, creating high-quality cushions that will stand the test of time.

Breakfast setting on table with woolen placemat

2. Homemade Breakfast Add a touch of natural texture to your breakfast table. With its chunky woven cable knit and soft woollen texture, the Melange placemat adds a cosy feel to your morning breakfast experience.

Naturally dyed striped cushion on sofa

3. Binge Watch

To fully enjoy binge watching a full season of your favourite show, you will need a comfy spot. Add cushions and throws for instant comfort and bring on the snacks. Browse our collection of cushion and find your favourite.

Table setting with tray in natural buri

4. Tea Break

Whether you are a tea of a coffee person, a daily fix will most likely be on your agenda. Our Tangent Tray is your best friend when it comes to effortlessly keeping your table neat. It is perfect for keeping napkins, matches and reading glasses within close reach.

Bauhaus inspired hallway runners

5. Shoes Off

Kick those house shoes off and feel the soft wool under your feet. The perfect rug will do wonders for your home. A rug is often the missing puzzle that will make the whole room come together. Besides adding warmth, texture and colour to your space, it also helps define a zone and pull the room together. Browse our rug collection to find the one for your space.

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