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Your home is a sanctuary from the rest of the world. A place to showcase your personality, relax, and hit reset. How you decorate your home is a vital part of creating an inviting and welcoming environment that works for you and your family. At Collective-Stories we are crafting homeware products that will help elevate your space by adding character, texture and depth to your home. Our homeware products embodies natural materials and we are extremely proud to work with artisans who respect and value the environment as much as we do.

Our collection of home accessories was first launched in 2019 after an inspirational trip to Guatemala, meeting indigenous artisans, specialising in the traditional backstrap loom. With a selection of throw cushions, runner rugs, storage baskets and wall art decor, our homeware range focuses long-lasting products in earthy tones and natural & high quality materials.

We have always had a passion for design and architecture and wanted our first collection to reflect the aesthetics of the Bauhaus, for its bold, clean lines and simple colours and the aesthetics of Brutalism for its pared back and exposed element.

Things don't make a home, but quality homeware can certainly make living in one more enjoyable. Simplify your life by investing in pieces that bring you joy each time you lay your eyes on them. We offer handcrafted home accessories in our online homeware store, designed in London and crafted by the best artisans across the globe. While you browse our site, make sure you check out the artisan pages and meet the makers behind our products.

Our products tell a story of traditional craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations, women who have defied cultural and gender norms and entrepreneurs who are following their passion.

Our homeware collection is produced in small batches by artisans who mainly work from the comfort of their own homes, allowing them to manage their own workload and take care of their families at the same time.


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