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Lifestyle | Spring Cleaning With Circle of Style

Spring is here; the birds are singing, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining...only to highlight the dirty windows - Yes that's right, the season for cleaning and refreshing is upon us.

But let's be honest, no one really wants to spend the beginning of spring doing a full deep clean of their home. Spring cleaning can often feel like an endless list of chores, but it can actually be a great opportunity to have a bit of fun and refresh yourself and your home. We have therefore teamed up with Circle of Style to offer a joyful and sustainable approach to spring cleaning.

Circle of Style is a personal styling subscription service, with stylists handpicking gorgeous secondhand pieces based on your style, size & spend and you of course only pay for what you keep. Keep reading for their pro stylists tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe.

1. Get stuck in. Free up your day and set the mood with your favourite playlist, candles, snacks, and drinks. Start by sectioning your clothes - you'll need three labeled boxes: one to store away seasonal pieces, one for items to be donated, and one for items you want to sell. If you have any designer pieces in great condition you want to get rid of, sell them with Circle of Style.

Just email with photo(s) and item description(s) of the item(s), and you'll agree on a price over email. They'll pay you instantly once your items arrive at their HQ, no fuss. Yes, you can get paid for spring cleaning.

2. Be brutal. Don't be afraid to make space for items you'll truly love and cherish - it's worth it. If you haven't worn a dress since 2015, it's unlikely that you'd wear it now, especially if your personal style is still evolving. If you're still unsure about keeping something, try it on. That's when you'll know.

3. Set goals. Now that you're left with your final selection for spring, are you happy with your wardrobe? Clearing out also gives you the chance to spot the gaps. Reflect and figure out what works for you and what you need more or less of.

If you're still struggling, Circle of Style stylists can help you get your dream wardrobe, sustainably. Just share your style aspirations when you take your quiz at

4. Go full Marie Kondo. Organise the pieces that have made the cut by folding and hanging items in a way that makes sense to you. Taking the time to do this last step is just going to make your wardrobe so much easier to navigate. Plus, it'll make your closet feel like a whole new ballgame.

To take on the new season in style, Circle of Style are waiving their subscription fee for your first box. After that it’s just £7.99 every 3 months. That’s less than the cost of a fun size bag of Maltesers a month. Just for you. And you only pay for pieces you keep. Just take their style quiz here and use the discount code"FEEFREE" when signing up. (The code is valid until the 3rd April 2022)

Once you have tackled your wardrobe you will feel like you can accomplish almost anything. Why not continue refreshing your home as well? A new season is a great opportunity to restyle key areas of your home

  1. Rearrange the furniture. Nothing gives a room a new perspective as a rearranging the furniture. Perhaps you have been wondering if your sofa will look better against another wall or how the room will feel if you have it freestanding? Either way, moving furniture around, big or small, will definitely make your room feel refreshed and it doesn't cost a thing.

  2. Restyle your shelves. A season change is a good excuse to restyle your shelves. First, take everything off the shelves. Once all empty, you might as well dust them off. Our brooms are perfect for this and can be used as part of your shelving decor afterwards. Then decide on a colour palette that works well with your wall paint, cushions and wall art, as this will tie your room together. When styling, start by placing your larger objects, such as vases, bowls or framed art or pictures, to create a couple of key focal points. Then add layered coffee table books and smaller object around. Only display what you really like. You can always store things that doesn't fit well in your scheme in baskets on the bottom of the shelves. To get a visually pleasing shelving unit you'll want to ensure that the overall design is balanced and that each shelf is different from the rest. Group objects of different sizes and textures in odd numbers (1, 3 or 5) and ensure that you leave enough room for your things to breathe, as you don't want the shelves to feel cluttered, but intriguing. Styling your shelves takes a lot of editing and is best done when you have time to enjoy it.

  3. Bring the outdoors in. If fresh flowers doesn't scream spring, we don't know what does. A big bouquet can certainly perk up any room. If you need an excuse to go spend some time in the lovely spring weather, why not go on the hunt for some wild flowers.

  4. Change your cushions. Small changes help signal a changing season. Cushions are one of the best ways to add a style and personality to your home. They may seem like a small detail, but by adding the right decorative cushions you can make the overall look more cohesive and instantly upgrade your space Cushions are one of the most flexible and cost-effective ways to revive your home. To exploit the full potential of these decorative essentials, check out cushion styling guide here.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Collective-Stories are offering 20% discount on everything with the code "SpringRefresh" between the 20th March - 3rd April 2022. The discount code cannot be used in combination with other coupons.

You can also join our giveaway over on Instagram so you can get a head start at Spring Cleaning - you’ll have the chance to win a Buri Buri Broom to literally clean your space and expert guidance on how to go about detoxing your wardrobe. Giveaway ends Sunday 27th March at midnight.


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