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Lifestyle | Go With The Slow

Slow Living, the word that seems to be on everyones tongue lately, and for a good reason. In a world obsessed with speed and ticking off boxes on your to do list, we are missing out on life's simple pleasures.

Modern life can often feel challenging and hectic as many of us have created a lifestyle with a busy workday, a packed social calendar and a phone that buzzes notifications at us throughout the day. Letting ourselves slow down and take time to dive into the moments that really matter will increase our sense of wellbeing.

Slow living is a conscious choice to prioritise these moments, enjoy the small things and take the time to do them properly. Slow living is a lifestyle choice, for some this affects every decision in their life and for others it is about making small considered changes to improve everyday life and living with intent in line with their own values.

For us, slow living starts at home. Our home is our personal retreat, it is where we can be ourselves and escape the rest of the world. It is where we spend time with loved ones and where we can rest and recharge. Focusing on what is important, personal and meaningful to you and letting go of the rest, you can start to create a slow living life and create a more considered, inspired and intimate home.

When it comes to creating your own home sanctuary, the slow living approach is not about minimalism and how little we can live with, it is, as Nathan Williams puts it: "working out what we simply can't live without."

Our homes should be more than a picture perfect interior, it should be a space with emphasis on 'being in the moment', reflect our values and provide us with life fundamentals. Creating a home is about more than just aesthetics. A home should be the canvas for the life you wish to live, making your home more than just a space to live in, but a tangible way to reclaim time for what we value the most. For a slow living inspired home with a considered approach to its interior, focus on:

- Taking your time

- Decorating a home true to your personal style

- Invest in timeless and long-lasting pieces

- Opt for sustainable materials and processes

- Extend a products life by looking after it, repairing or up-cycling it

To lead a slower and more considered lifestyle, define what that means to you, identify the things and the people you can't live without and then design your home to accommodate this by focusing on how you want your home to feel and what activities you want your home to host.


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