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Case Study | Laszlo London

Architect firm Henley Halebrown have transformed an old warehouse in London into Bauhaus inspired workspaces. The Bauhaus, which is known for its craft techniques and colour palette, was the the inspiration behind Laszlo.

Laslo Coworking Space

Image by Jack Hobhouse

Laszlo was originally build in the early 20th century and was known as Batavia Mills. It was a facility for manufacturing and printing. Henley Halebrown found that The Bauhaus was a fitting inspiration for the renovation and wanted to celebrate the original ethos of the building , which was to find the beauty in craft and being true to the materials.

Laszlo Coworking Space shared kitchen and living room

Image by Jack Hobhouse

To further highlight the original character of the building, Henley Halebrown decided to focus on preserving and improving architectural elements instead of tearing it down and rebuilding, resulting in a workspace that feels light, contemporary and welcoming.

Bauhaus inspired doors

Image by David Grandorge and Nick Kan

Shared kitchen and living room at Laszlo Coworking Space

Image by Jack Hobhouse

Laszlo coworking space shared spaces

Image by Jack Hobhouse

There are nods to The Bauhaus through out the building. The exterior has been decorated with Bauhaus graphics, a series of doors have been painted in colours from the colour studies of Josef Albers (Bauhaus Teacher) and you can find our Parallel Cushion, also inspired by Josef Albers in the communal areas of Laszlo.


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