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Mulier Studio

Silvia Durán 

Mulier Studio

Mulier Studio, founded by Silvia Duran, was born out of a desire to express an inner journey back to our essence. Silvia explores the symbolic connection between wax as a medium and our personal and spiritual transformation.

"Our pieces are a symbol of transformation: A light that emerges with each change."

Silvia Duran from Mulier Studio

In 2019, amid the pandemic, Silvia Duran founded Mulier to reconnect with our essence through self-taught wax sculpting. Each piece symbolizes stages of personal transformation, emotions, and healing. Silvia’s artistic process is spontaneous, reflecting a deep, conscious journey. Initially self-taught and working from home, she faced challenges but grew by experimenting with techniques and materials. Now, she thrives in her light-filled studio. Influenced by jazz, Peggy Kuiper’s art, and Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, Silvia continues to evolve. She views creative blocks as opportunities to refocus and appreciates the journey over the destination, emphasizing human vulnerability and transformation.

All of her pieces are handcrafted and combine geometric and organic shapes. The all have different textures, scents and are handcrafted with soy wax, cotton wick and colour pigments.

Mulier Studio

Environmental Impact

Mulier Studio prioritise sustainability by using soy wax, known for its silky texture and neutral odour. Soy wax is a renewable resource that burns cleaner and longer than paraffin, making it an eco-friendly choice free of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. To ensure stability, Mulier Studio incorporate a minimal amount of mineral wax for stability. The candles feature long-lasting aromas that act as natural air fresheners and use solid colour pigments inspired by nature, specifically designed for wax. Additionally, the handcrafted production process is more sustainable than machine manufacturing, reducing energy consumption and emphasising the value of human craftsmanship.

Products from Spain

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