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Female Indian artisans

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The weavers of Panipat are inherited with the talent of weaving, because in India the profession that earns bread for the family is worshiped and passed down through generations. The hand weaving done by the artisans is not only detailed but it is filled with love and respect for the product they work on.

"Our mission is to spread awareness and restore the value of hand-woven textiles at a global level”

Indian bobbin maker

The foundation of this group of weavers was laid by Charu as a tribute to her grandfather and father who was the torch bearers for their family's historical participation in the textile industry. 

When Charu was a little girl, her father said to her: “You can be everything that you dream of” and that was her mantra to set up a weaving workshop with her brothers. They decided to uplift not only themselves but also others who deserved recognition for their talent.

“Sharing knowledge always leads to growth”.


With a strong focus on sharing their expertise, Charu and her brothers searched every corner of India for skilled weavers and textiles enthusiasts who had the talent but needed a little direction. The gathered a team of 25 artisans and trained them to turn their textiles into beautiful decor products.

Female Indian artisan

Social Impact



Turning dreams into reality is something that this cooperative not only inculcate in their products but also towards the improvement of the lives of the artisans who work with them. Cooperative of Panipat not only ensure that all the artisans are paid fairly and work in safe conditions, they also make sure that their team of 25 artisans live in a safe and secure environment.

"We are forever grateful for the people without whom our company is incomplete, they include values in us and gives us lessons of life and growth"

Indian artisan with bobbins
Female Indian artisan

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