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Code of Conduct

At Collective-Stories, we are dedicated to crafting homeware products that not only adorn living spaces but also uphold the values of ethical craftsmanship, sustainability, and fair trade. Rooted in the ethos of preserving traditional craftsmanship and honouring handicraft, our business is committed to fostering transparent relationships with our stakeholders, respecting the communities we work with, and minimising our environmental footprint.

As advocates for ethical trading practices and champions of sustainable employment, we recognise the interconnectedness between our actions and their impact on the world around us. With artisans and employees as our primary stakeholders and the local communities they serve as secondary stakeholders, we strive to create a positive ripple effect that extends beyond our business operations.

Our code of conduct serves as a testament to our commitment to these principles. It outlines the standards of behaviour and ethical guidelines that govern our interactions with employees, artisans, suppliers, customers, and the environment. From fair wages and safe working conditions to transparent communication and environmental stewardship, every aspect of our business is guided by our core values.

As directors, we hold ourselves accountable to upholding these standards and ensuring that they are ingrained in the fabric of our organisation. We believe that by adhering to these principles, we not only create beautiful homeware but also contribute to a more just, sustainable, and harmonious world.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we strive to make a positive impact through traditional craftsmanship


Pernille Brodersen & Pierre-Luc Baveux


1. Ethical and Sustainable Homeware

Our business specialises in ethically and sustainably crafted homeware, preserving traditional craftsmanship while honouring handcraft and ethical trading practices.

2. Stakeholders

Our primary stakeholders include artisans and employees, while the artisans' local community represents secondary stakeholders.

3. Core Values

Our core values include fair wages, safe working conditions, preservation of traditional craftsmanship, and the use of natural materials. We focus on small batch production and refrain from hard negotiations on prices, and prioritise environmental conservation.

4. Transparent Communication

We uphold transparent and honest communication, treating all stakeholders with equal respect and cultural awareness. Conflicts of interest are identified, raised, and managed to ensure integrity and fairness.

5. Employee Engagement

We foster employee engagement by encouraging open feedback, clear and honest communication, and keeping employees updated on company developments.

6. Supplier Selection and Sustainability

We select suppliers based on craft expertise, ethical trading practices, and environmental awareness. Prior to partnerships, suppliers complete a questionnaire or provide their code of conduct. On-site visits are conducted whenever possible.


7. Environmental Stewardship

We prioritise biodegradable materials and collaborate with environmentally aware suppliers. We work to optimise shipping practices, and we implement recycling and waste reduction initiatives.

8. Artisan Relationships and Fair Trade

Our relationships with artisans are built on transparency, fairness, and we adhere to Fair Trade principles, promoting sustainable employment and preserving local culture and traditional craftsmanship.

9. Internal Reporting and Governance

As directors, we promptly address and investigate any concerns raised, ensuring high standards of governance and accountability.

10. Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement, seeking feedback from employees, customers, and stakeholders to drive positive change.

"Showing traditional crafts in a new light by designing quality products and producing them in a sustainable and ethical way, is the reason we created Collective-Stories"

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