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A modern bedroom with a bed full of unqiue handcrafted cushions.

Timeless Design, Ethically Handcrafted

Our mission is simple but profound: combining tradition with modernity and infusing it into every piece we create. Our homeware are for those who appreciate the finer details, who value true craftsmanship and who demand sustainable and ethically created pieces for their home.  Our homeware collection is the result of remarkable craftsmanship from master artisans around the world and the natural materials they work with. 

Indian artisan weaving a blanket on a footloom


Bestselling Must-Haves

Discover our most popular crowd-pleasers. From cushions comfier than clouds to baskets with organisational super powers, brooms that sweep away the ordinary, and artwork whose design hits differently, this is where style gets a whole new meaning. These aren't just products; they're the ones that have everyone talking. So, whether you're looking to turn heads or simply create a space that's in a league of its own, you're about to discover the extraordinary.

We collaborate with artisans around the globe to access sustainable employment, which builds a foundation for continued development, better living standards and help preserve local culture and traditional craft. 

Artisan weaving a storage basket
Backstrap woven cushion detail

Made With Care From Natural Materials

We believe in products that will patina well and express their story through ageing. Our products are made with heritage techniques and high quality natural materials offering a unique depth of textures & colours, which will evolve with time.

Connecting with extraordinary artisans around the world is our mission at Collective-Stories. We develop relationships based on transparency, respect and we collaborate with cooperatives that incorporate Fair Trade principles. 

Artisans touching raw cotton
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