Black Tangent Tray on table with string and scissors
  • Handwoven in The Philippines by local artisans, the Tangent Tray is made from natural buri palm giving the tray a linear and airy aesthetic. This functional tray will make your organisation look effortless and can be put to good use in any room in your home. The natural material used ensures that each handmade tray is unique, adding a touch of charm to any home.


    The Tangent Trays are handwoven in the Philippines with locally-sourced Buri Palm and offers a versatile storage solution to keep your things organised and your living space clutter-free. 



    Tangent Tray Black


    Collective-Stories was founded with a passion to bring thoughtful designs to life by using traditional techniques and craftsmanship to produce ethically handmade homeware. 

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