Two Parallel hallway runners laying on top of each other next to a side table

Parallel Runner Navy

330,00 €Price

Inspired by the work of Josef Albers and the Bauhaus, this modern runner offers a play on vertical stripes creating a simple and contemporary design.


Add texture and comfort to your hallway, kitchen, bedroom or living room with this hard wearing statement runner. Adding comfort, softness and texture to both your floors and your feet, the Parallel Runner is crafted with passion, care and attention to details. 


The Parallel runner is crafted from 100% wool and all colours have been naturally dyed based on dye recipes passed down through generations. The wool is washed, carded, dyed and spun before it is weaved using pedal looms by artisans in Mexico. It takes 12 days to complete one runner.


Size: 200 x 60 cm


Handwoven in Mexico


Disclaimer: All of our products are handmade, which means you may find slight variations in sizes and colours.