Large Convergent Cushion Pink On a Bench
  • Celebrating geometric shapes and strong colour blocking the Convergent Cushion offers an unexpected visual for the contemporary home. 


    Add calm and serenity to your home with the Convergent Rectangular Cushion and embrace its soft and naturally dyed wool.


    Handmade by Cooperative of Tetitloan in Mexico, the front of the cushion is made from 100% wool and all colours have been naturally dyed based on dye recipes that has passed down through generations. The wool is washed, carded, dyed and spun before it is weaved using pedal looms. It takes 6 days to create one cushion. The back is made from 100% cotton and has a zipper closing.


    Disclaimer:All of our products are handmade, which means you may find slight variations in sizes and colours.

    Convergent Rectangular Cushion Pink

    • Size 40 x 60 cm

      The cushion comes with 100% duck feather filled cushion pad.


      Handwoven in Mexico

    Collective-Stories was founded with a passion to bring thoughtful designs to life by using traditional techniques and craftsmanship to produce ethically handmade homeware. 

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