"Showing traditional crafts in a new light, designing quality products and having them produced in a sustainable and ethical way by supporting artisans

is the reason we created Collective-Stories."

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What began as a weaving workshop in Guatemala grew to a design-led homeware collection. 

Working with traditional crafts techniques means that we have to learn the possibilities and the restrains that comes from the art of back-strap weaving, brocading and dyeing with natural materials., which often leads to discarding or altering designs but results in adding the original features, which  becomes the heart and soul of our products. 

Connecting with extraordinary artisans around the world is our mission at Collective-Stories. 

We connect with artisans to develop relationships based on transparency and we trade fairly with cooperatives that incorporate Fair Trade principles, set their own prices and offer a safe and flexible work environment. 



Collective-Stories was founded with a passion for uniting contemporary design and ethical craftsmanship. 

We work with master artisans around the world to celebrate their craft and create timeless quality homeware.

Everything we do, we want to do with a positive impact and a sense of purpose. 



& social impact

At Collective-Stories, everything we do, we want to do with a positive impact and a sense of purpose.

We believe in the need to be socially and environmentally responsible to live sustainably. We work with artisans who preserve the local culture and traditional craft. Our collaboration enables them to access sustainable employment, which builds a foundation for continued development and better living standards. 

Preserving the natural environment is deeply rooted in the ethos of the cooperatives we work with and they ensure that the raw materials are sustainable. We work with natural materials such as cotton, wool and buri to create our products. Where possible we use natural dye for minimal environmental impact.  

quality homeware

The art of craft as the distinctive interpretation of the human hand and natural materials. We produce small handmade batches, which enable us to pay attention to details, materials and processes in order to make products that are made to last. We create simple yet sophisticated homeware mixing archaic techniques with modern aesthetic to create new essentials. 

"We hope that you will appreciate the stories behind each of our products

as well as the emotional appeal of traditional crafts which have been passed from generation to generation"

Collective-Stories was founded with a passion to bring contemporary designs to life by using traditional techniques and craftsmanship to produce ethically handmade products. 

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