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Collective-Stories Offers Home Decor in London You Can Take Pride In.

Your home is a sanctuary from the rest of the world. A place to showcase your personality, relax, and reset. Home Decor is a vital part of creating that environment, and at Collective-Stories you will find home accessories in London that you can take pride in because not only are they made with the best materials, they are ethically sourced and each purchase directly benefits the craftsman who made the product. We offer a variety of home décor in London in many different styles. Regardless of the style, we guarantee the quality of each of our products. After all, who wants to fill their home with cheaply made items?


Shopping at a department store may find you a nice throw rug or a pillow that is attractive, but there are a few downsides. One, you have no idea where your item was made. It could have been made in a sweatshop that pays the workers less than liveable wages, or worse. Two, you are choosing from items that are mass-produced and are placed in homes across the nation. And three, you do not know if you can feel confident in the craftsmanship and skill in the product when it is mass-produced.


When you buy from us your money directly impacts the creator of the product, we only source quality goods you can trust, and our products are not mass-produced to be duplicated exactly the same for each buyer who wanders in so you can feel confident when you express your own style. Browse our selection of home decor and home accessories in London and enjoy the look and feel of our quality pieces in every corner of your home. You can trust that these pieces will last a long time because of the quality you find across the board.

Collective-Stories was founded with a passion to bring thoughtful designs to life by using traditional techniques and craftsmanship to produce ethically handmade homeware. 

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