Handwoven Scatter Cushions

Handmade Baskets and Handmade Cushions - Home Decor for a Relaxing Environment.

Home Cushions are a key element in your design if you want a place that feels cozy and easy to relax in. Here at Collective-Stories, we offer a great collection of handmade cushions  made with exquisite details and  high-quality fine linens that will last a long time as a key part of your home decor. In our travels, we have discovered textile artists who use ancient techniques that have been passed down within their region to create linens, pillows, and cushions that are each individual works of art that are made with old-world quality and with new world style. You can turn any area of your home into the ultimate zone for relaxing in style.


Another great way to set the mood in your home is with handmade baskets. Baskets can be used for more than organizing your arts and crafts supplies or for picnics. Because of their unique and intricate weaves, handmade baskets can be used as pieces in their own right and can add texture and warmth to a room. There are many ways that you can use handmade baskets as decor in a home. You can use them to hang air plants, use as wall decor, add flair, utilize waste space. Plus, with so many different weaves and materials they are made out of, you can always find handmade baskets to fit your personal style.


Whether you are looking for handmade baskets or handmade cushions in London, our wonderful pieces have a story behind them, this is why we named the store Collective-Stories. We know that you want to fill your home with quality pieces that are ethically sourced. Browse our page to learn more and choose from our linens, pillows, and cushions to bring a new style element to your home. These items also make great gifts for those who recognize quality in a handcrafted piece of home ware. We offer a variety of items that change with our travels so come back often.

Collective-Stories was founded with a passion to bring contemporary designs to life by using traditional techniques and craftsmanship to produce ethically handmade products. 

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