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Handmade Home Decorations

Handmade Home Decoration and Handcrafted Homeware from Global Artisans. When you get a new place, one of the best parts is shopping for quality home decorations. Here at Collective-Stories, we offer handmade home decorations and handcrafted homeware that are sourced from around the globe. When you buy from us, each purchase directly benefits the artisan who made it. This is something you can get behind when enjoying the never-ending scavenger hunt for fine home decorations and homeware.

Hand weaving on footloom

Things don't make a home, but quality homeware can certainly make living in one a more enjoyable. Simplify your life by buying pieces that bring you joy each time you lay your eyes on them. We offer handmade home decorations and handcrafted homeware in our online store by the best craftsmen and women across the globe. You can feel great about buying your decorations from  Collective-Stories because each piece contributes to the story of the creator and the purchaser. Take part in holistic shopping that does not feed the big-box mega-machine but actually contributes to an artisan and has a story behind it. Browse our site for quality pieces that fit with your personality and then check out the story behind the pieces creation and feel even better about your purchase. We travel the globe meeting artisans who create pieces of functional art and we take pride in offering those pieces to our clients. Start your new home off on the right foot by filling it with pieces that are only ethically sourced and you love. It is better to fill your home and life with things you can stand behind than to just collect clutter with no heart. If you are looking for a particular item that you do not see on our site, contact us and see if we can curate it for you in our travels.

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